For Adults

Duckie works in the typically adult realms of cabaret, puppetry and burlesque. She has worked on a variety of theatre projects & corporate activation with an adult focus. She is versatile and always looking for new creative opportunities, so the projects listed below are just a small sample.


Cabaret & Comedy

A range of ready-to-go bawdy comedy routines, colourful cabaret and fun acts for a lounge bar, cabaret or sideshow.


Information on more traditional format theatre performances and plays where Duckie has acted as a performer, director, pedagogue and dramaturg.


Umbrella Theatre

Australian based all female pop up puppet theatre collective. We create engaging, surprising, intimate shows in unusual locations.



A range of routines catering to the sillier side of burlesque, often using mask, puppets and other pervertibles.


Stoneleigh No 50

Invigilation of an immersive installation where visitors take a tour through a heritage mansion, to taste wines in overgrown rooms matched to the flavour palette. Read More.


Installations & Intervention Performance

From the political to the perverse, installation performance is an interesting way to explore concepts.



Collaborations with artists as a life and photographic model.