Duckie loves to do a range of sexy, weird and funny burlesque routines.


From hypnotic snakes, sad koalas, human pass the parcel, life sized stripper puppets, human banana splits to horny rabbits, there’s plenty of sexy fun to be had on stage. These routines work best as part of festivals, sideshows, variety nights and club nights. Duckie burlesque has appeared at many events, including; Harvest Festival Sydney & Melbourne, Bushwick Burlesque NYC, Mothership NYC, Secret Garden Festival, Subsonic Festival, Peats Ridge Festival, Camelot Lounge, Regrowth Festival, Manning Bar & Bad Deep.



Routines are generally 4-6 minutes in duration, and can involve flexible levels of nudity. Dressing room & sound technician are required. Some routines can be messy and will require clean up time.


Solo routines are currently available for your event! Travel required from Berlin. Double acts will also be available  in September-October 2017.