Stoneleigh No 50

I acted as resident host and mysterious tour guide through this immersive wine installation for 3 weeks in December 2015.


Stoneleigh 50 was a large scale immersive activation that transformed a heritage house into an overgrown garden. Designed to promote Stoneleigh’s new wild valley wines, each room was matched to a wine from the range. I acted as a tour guide, leading visitors through different parts of the house for tastings and activities in each room, creating an air of adventure and integrating information about the wine and brand seamlessly with humour and wonder. I also hosted events in the space such as live music, parties & secret dining.



This was a large scale immersive activation customised to meet the client’s needs.



Client: Pernod Ricard

Advertising Campaign & Concept Lead: Society

Production: The Feds

Invigilation: Pernod Ricard & Shani Moffat



I am available to host your event, tour, experiential installation or activation. I am also very much interested in the creative concept development phases. This project was produced by Society, so for a full scale production, get in touch with them directly.