Penjelajahan Orangutan

Penjelajahan Orang Utan (Adventure of the Orangutan) was an educational and collaborative community theatre project held in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, in May-June 2016. I co-produced the project with with Curious Legends and Yayasan Permakultur.


The project was designed to raise awareness about environmental impacts in the region and the practical applications of permaculture.  It used a mixture of community engagement, workshops, consultation, studio construction, and culminating in public performances. Three Australian artists worked with a cast of twenty local professional artists to create a visual theatre production. Over 300 children from seven different organisations were involved, and the show toured several villages with six performances presented. Read more on the project website.



This was a challenging project with cultural considerations, language barriers and a large number of people involved. The results were incredibly rewarding – a beautiful, poignant and funny 30 minute piece of visual theatre, rich with puppetry, dance, mask and music. At each location children were invited to perform and we included 20-75 children from each village!



Co-producers: Shani Moffat, Curious Legends, Yayasan Permakultur Kalimantan

Creative Facilitation: Shani Moffat & Mitchell Reese

Project & Event Management: Frederika Paembonan & Noor Julaiha

Design & Construction: Matina Moutzouris & Dedy Hosano

Performers: Jayadi Abdul Paembonan, Noor Julaiha, Imron, Yazid Kurniawan, Muhammad Syaifullah, Hamsiah (Acie), Asra’i Iqra Praha, Fatlas Adica Tyas, Safitri Dwi Wulahdari, Mohamad Alimulhuda, Joviam Caleb Oroh, Sugeng, Fedrik, Muhayar, Susva Amiyana, Abdul Hafiz Amrullah, Rizky Marselyno, Jeffri Adi, Sulistyo, Muhammad Maulana Razaqui, Enang Amir

Supported by: Australia-Indonesia Institute, Catalyst- Australian Arts & Culture Fund and forty private philanthropic donors



This project is now complete. However, the project team are available to provide tailored proposals. To discuss the design of a community workshop & performance program in your area, please get in touch.