Arquitectura De Feria

An amazing steam punk carnival brought to life by a cast of colourful characters.


Arquitectura De Feria is a remarkable collection of rides for children. Each ride is custom crafted with its own mythology and character, and most rides operate by hand cranked mechanical systems without recourse to electricity. Set in a fairy-lit park, each experience brought pure wonder into the eyes of the exploring children.



The project was a large scale feature of the 2016 Sydney Festival program, with an ensemble of approximately 21 performers, and a core team of 8 artists from Catalonia. There were 8 different ride/experiences offered free to the public for three weeks.


My role was as the carnival barker & ferris wheel invigilator, as an ensemble member of the character cast. The project was produced by Sydney Festival, and delivered by Antigua i Barbuda.


This project is a creation of Catalan company Antigua i Barbuda. Get in touch directly for inquiries.