Kate Cebrano’s Magnet

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Wow! Kate Cebrano’s new music video is a visual feast of beautiful multi-layered moving landscapes. The good folks at Billie Jean is not My Lover did something very clever, fancy & laborious to acheive this amazing visual effect. With my talented housemate leading the helm as producer. My favourite part are the mirrored cities half way through, exquisite! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dan83tsVu9c]   …

Adelaide Cabaret Festival Promo

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The talented Eleanor Winkler produced the amazing Adelaide Cabaret Festival promo with the good folks at Billie Jean is Not My Lover. The promo is absolutely stunning and is virtually an art film in its own right. The crystal clear motion, gorgeous design and beautiful Mojo Juju all come to together as a visual treat. Take a looky. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oC4x23DsNqY]

Spider Nanny art video

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I ran into Marty J at a Chicks on Speed gig. He was going on about how a spider pig has been taking up most of his time, and now it finally makes sense. Inflatable talent! Check out this amazing video by the all female collective Kingpins as part of the series Performutations, commissioned by the good people at Artbank. …

De Novo, Warhorse and One Servant, Two Guvnors

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What a lucky duck I’ve been lately, taken out to a string of overwhelmingly fantastic shows! First up was Sydney Dance Company’s De Novo, the most unexpected piece of contemporary dance I’ve ever seen. It was extraordinary, with incredible choreography and impossible bodies. But also what was so surprising, an alien vs predator themed dance, and a postmodern dialectic coupled …

Blue Man Hogmanay, Edinburgh 2010

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New Year’s Day, 2010. I was in the bitter cold of Edinburgh, Scotland, wearing everything I owned to combat the -6 degree cold. While my friends nursed their Hogmanay hangovers, I emerged that evening as the sun was shyly withdrawing behind the horizon, and made my way along the Royal Mile, past frozen puddles and debris abandoned after the festivities …

Boot & Bat Eyes

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My clever housemate, friend and local producer Eleanor Winkler has had her work accepted into Your Film Festival. This international Youtube festival has only two Sydney entries in the final cut – both by Miss Winkler. She is a former Tropfest winner,prolific advocate for accessible media and premiering a new film next week! Watch, vote and support Aussie film-making. You …

Elisabeth Blair Animations

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My friend and Chicago based artist Elisabeth Blair is known for angelic voice. However, she has recently turned her hand to stop motion animation and has found quite a talent for it. Using plastic animals, plasticine and found objects she makes mini dreamscapes perfectly suited to music videos and art films. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNTMvwjC36k&feature=youtu.be] She can even make custom videos for you …

Clairy Browne and the Bangin Rackette’s

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Check out Clairy Browne and the Bangin Rackette’s awesome doo-wop/soul music video, filmed in Geelong Prison. By all accounts they are a marvelous live act, and the Melbourne group are touring nationally in a couple of weeks! The lowdown on Sydney shows – they’re playing the Brass Monkey in Cronulla on Thursday 24 May and Good God the following night. …