Dr Inside-Out

Duckie Performance Art & Installations

Dr Inside-Out is an interactive roving performance for kids, originally commissioned for the Sydney Opera House Creative Play program.


A mysterious doctor-clown performs examinations and experiments, much to the amusement of children and their parents. The doctor then reveals a chest cavity of organs and becomes the subject of the examination. Children have the opportunity to play freely and collaborate with the┬ádoctor, performing surgeries to remove butterflies from the stomach, listen to a heart murmur and inspect intestinal bugs. Finally, the organs are removable entirely and each one is revealed to be a different percussive instrument. Children participate in the ‘Organ-Organ Orchestra’ and perform together for an audience of parents and passers-by.


This performance is lo-fi, highly mobile and with no technical elements. It is also primarily non-verbal and can be performed with children from different linguistic backgrounds.


Concept design & Performance: Shani Moffat

Design & Construction: Ana Brotas

Creative Development Director: Frank Newman

Original Commission: Sydney Opera House