De Novo, Warhorse and One Servant, Two Guvnors

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What a lucky duck I’ve been lately, taken out to a string of overwhelmingly fantastic shows!

First up was Sydney Dance Company’s De Novo, the most unexpected piece of contemporary dance I’ve ever seen. It was extraordinary, with incredible choreography and impossible bodies. But also what was so surprising, an alien vs predator themed dance, and a postmodern dialectic coupled with a cactus. Not to mention a phenomenal score for each piece and beautiful lights and design.

Warhorse is probably the most masterful example of puppetry mainstream audiences will ever see. The superb cane horses fill the heart with wonder, for both their realism and theatricality. The tale is fully calculated to tug on the heart strings and skirts the border of melodramatic at times, but the design and beauty of the production will keep anyone enthralled throughout. Its really a unique production that stands out from the pop shows that are normally seen on the stage of the Lyric.


Then last night I scored tickets to One Man, Two Guvnors. What a riot! Amazing physical comedy at its most absurd and brilliant! I could not stop laughing along with everyone else – the farcical madness of this show knows no bounds. Another National Theatre import that proves the Brits really know what they’re doing. And some fantastic live musical accommaniment to boot. Highly recommended. Take your Mum.