Marawa the Amazing’s Hula Schoola!

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Such a great name, it just makes me wanna scream: MARAAAAWA THE AMAAAZING!!

Marawa the Amazing, star of London’s Roundhouse, La Clique, hula princess, Britain’s Got Talent crowning champion and tiki pin up is in town for a limited time only.

This woman can take 133 hoops at a time, which if you aren’t aware, is BADASS.


She’s in Sydney with the super tight, super sexy, extremely popular show La Soiree. I highly, highly recommend this show. As far as fun circus & cabaret goes, this is some of the best there is. In the world. And don’t take my word for it. This show draws in hundreds of people daily and runs for three months! People love it so much they come back for more, with lots of repeat customers appearing at the door in the last few weeks.

Last weekend I attended her very own Hula Schoola, and added a few tricks to my belt! Fun fitness.


Classes are only on while La Soiree is in town, so hurry!

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